Thank you so much for the week of my life, I am writing you this as I sit back at work in New York and think of all I accomplished during my stay. My dream of being a surfer came true thanks to your confidence and patience with me, past the break and on my own in three days, not too bad I must say, the yoga on the beach, not going to find that here! but will continue my practice, never forget sailing out on the boat with the dolphins and catching my first Mahi with all you cheering me on, just the best. I will pass your info on to everyone I know as I could go on forever but really wanted you and your amazing staff to know the impact they will have on my life and how it will be changed forever in a much more positive and carefree way. Pura Vida — Jo Anne Scmidt – New York, NY

If you have a bucketlist I can honestly say a week @ Jobbies Surf Camp should take care of at least half of it! Surf, Yoga, Sportfishing, the waterfalls in Montezuma, the best food, cocktails and accomodations in such a beautiful setting, put together with this amazing staff who are there for you 24/7 is truly what seperates this camp from the others. You truly gave us the best honeymoon we could have imagined and hope to see you next year for our anniversary, still cannot wipe the smiles off our faces!! — Thomas and Linda Appleton

Just writing this to thank you again for such a fantastic life changing experience. As a single female traveller I was a bit nervous travelling to Costa Rica on my own so really do want to thank you for showing me the whole experience from the pick up at the airport to dropping me back off I don’t think I ever stopped laughing or smiling the entire time. Dustin, thank you so much for showing me the surfer within and making a dream come true as I am buying my own board the day I get back! The Yoga was so calming and perfect I will also hold on too my practice as well, and the day out on the boat sportfishing, a true highlight as this was another first for me. Can you make sure you thank the maids as well for taking such great care of me as the flowers everyday was the best way of starting the day, as well as the amazing food we splurged on everyday and night, all around just such an amazing with amazing people whose hearts will never be forgotten, my only regret is I had to leave! — Traci Melford – San Francisco, CA

When your day starts in the tropics with a surf and fresh Banana pancakes, its tough to have a bad day!

It was never what you all did, it was how you did it that still impressed us the most from the time we arrived to the time we departed. From showing us the entire area to introducing us as friends to all the locals and local business owners it truly felt like a home away from home for us. Your calming approach and laid back attitude definetly put us all in our comfort zone after such a short time upon arrival. The laughter and smiles are still with us and thank you so much for the amazing experiences that I cannot put into words, I guess as you say, the whole week can only be summed up as SUPERNUMBERONEGOODTIMES, I finally get what that means and you all show it very well, Keep it up! — Jarrod, Franco, Melissa and Janice – Los Angeles, CA

Everything you told us on your website would happen sounded amazing, but after the whole experience of how you made us feel at home and always laughing, was the part you have to experience and impossible to put into words except for Thank You so much for the time of our lives! — Will and Beth – Canmore, Canada

Why did we ever leave, Thanks again for the best week ever Jobbie, til next time ! — Jillian and Christine – Vancouver, BC

I never in a million years thought I had it in me to be a surfer but thats all changed now, everything was so perfect, some of the best food and people I have met whose smiles and laughter I will carry with me forever. Mal Pais truly is the most beautiful place I could imagine and the way you all show it is simply the best. Still trying to allow the waves to put me too sleep and all the adventures and great times in my dreams, Thank you all for what was the best week I have ever had! — Zoey – Miami, FL

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